June 25, 2019

www.norton.com/nu16 – Download, Install & Activate Norton-nu16

Norton Utilities 16 is intended to help with analyzation, configuration, optimization, and maintenance of a PC. It offers a number of advantages such as disk defragmentation. The contents of files often break in different places in the hard drive. With this feature, all the fragments are brought to a single location, and this helps in improving efficiency. With time, the hard drive becomes full of useless files, and for this, NU16 comes with a disk cleaner to find and remove unwanted data. Considering the benefits that Norton Utilities 16 has to offer, it is wise to get it from norton.com/nu16.

How to get a free trial version of Norton Utilities 16?

To get the Norton Utilities 16 trial version, simply open the web browser and visit www.norton.com/16. Click on the link, and the NU16 setup will get downloaded on your computer. Double-click on the file and click on Run when prompted. Follow the guidelines given on the screen and complete the installation. Once you have installed Norton Utilities 16 on your computer, the trial period will commence.

You must know that you need to activate the trial version of NU16 in order to continue using it once the trial period is over.

Steps to purchase Norton Utilities 16 product key?

The best method to convert the Norton Utilities 16 trial into a paid version is listed here:

  1. Open Norton Utilities 16 program on the computer.
  2. Now, move to its dashboard.
  3. Click on the Activate Now button.
  4. Move to the next screen.
  5. Select the Purchase option.
  6. Get the NU16 product activation code.

How to activate Norton Utilities 16?

Once you have purchased the NU16 product key, you just need to open the Norton Utilities 16 program, visit the Dashboard and hit the Activate Now button. Enter the details required in the screen and finally submit the Norton Utilities 16 product key. Click on Activate Now, and all the information will get sent for the purpose of validation. If you want to find your activation code, then login to your account at norton.com/setup.

Steps to download and install Norton Utilities 16 online

Here is the process to setup Norton Utilities 16:

  1. Open an updated internet browsing program on the system.
  2. Enter the following URL in the bar: www.norton.com/nu16.
  3. A file will get downloaded on your computer.
  4. When the downloading is complete, Run the setup file by double-clicking on it.
  5. Allow the installation process to initiate.
  6. The NU16 setup wizard window will appear.
  7. Read the agreement terms on the screen.
  8. Select the I agree on option.
  9. Wait for the installation to get over.

Steps to install Norton Utilities 16 from CD

Here is the process to setup NU16 from CD:

  1. Place the setup CD in the drive.
  2. The NU16 setup screen shall appear automatically by default.
  3. In some cases, it might not. You can manually start the setup by visiting the CD drive.
  4. In the next prompt, read the entire agreement.
  5. Click on I agree.
  6. Select the Install Options.
  7. Select the Browser option.
  8. Click on where you want to install Norton Utilities 16.
  9. Now, the installation will begin. Wait for a while.

Steps to access Norton Utilities 16

  1. Hit the Windows key.
  2. Select All Programs.
  3. Move the cursor to Norton Utilities 16.
  4. Click on Norton Utilities 16.
  5. Alternatively, find the NU16 icon on the toolbar at the bottom and double-click to open.